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Ultimate Ice Sculptures

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Please note: a) Standard sculptures/ luges of 1 metre or more, are supplied with drain trays free of charge. b) Small table centres only use Octagonal Drain Trays @ £10.00 hire each; this cost is fully refundable on return of undamaged tray.  c) Lighting units are tiny LEDs, activated during set-up and disposable after the event.


Part No  Sculpture   Dimension   Price   Thumb  
L010  007 James Bond Revolver  H50cm x W100cm  £355.00 
L010a 007 Logo  H50cm x W100cm  £355.00 
L038  Bar Top  H30cm x W25cm  £165.00 
P017  Bowl - Facetted  H30cm x W55cm  £55.00 
P025  Bowl - Spiral Patterned  H30cm x W55cm  £55.00 
P020  Bowl - With Inlay Display  H30cm x W55cm  £85.00 
P006  Bride and Groom  H100cm x W50cm  £295.00 
P064  Buddha  H100cm x W50cm  £395.00 
P062  Candle Holders  H50cm x W50cm  £345.00 
P078  Champagne Bottle  H100cm x W50cm  £395.00 
P050  Champagne Bucket  H35cm x W25cm  £55.00 
P004  Cherub - Large  H75cm x W50cm  £295.00 
P027  Christmas Tree  H100cm x W50cm  £355.00 
L013  Cinderella Slipper  H100cm x W50cm  £395.00 
P010  Clam Shell - Large  H54cm x W74cm  £225.00 
P058a  Colour Vinyl Logo (logo to suit)  H100cm x W50cm  £395.00 
P058b  Colour Vinyl Logo (logo to suit)  H50cm x W100cm  £395.00 
P058  Coloured Vinyl Logo (logo to suit)  H100cm x W200cm  £995.00 
L037  Corporate double run (Logo's to suit)  H50cm x W100cm  £375.00 
P053  Cylinder Display  H90cm x W45cm  £199.00 
L015  Devil's Head  H100cm x W50cm  £345.00 
P065  DJ & Decks  H100cm x W100cm  £595.00 
C049  Dolphin  H100cm x W50cm  £275.00 
P046b  Dolphin Table Centres  H50cm x W30cm  £145.00 
L016  Dragon's Head  H75cm x W50cm  £345.00 
C052  Eiffel Tower  H100cm x W50cm  £345.00 
L027  Electric Guitar  H50cm x W100cm  £345.00 
C063  Elephants with entwined trunks  H50cm x W100cm  £375.00 
L007  Elvis Luge  H100cm x W50cm  £395.00 
P072  Entwined Lovers  H100cm x W50cm  £375.00 
P029  FA Cup  H100cm x W50cm  £375.00 
P080  Father Christmas  H100cm x W50cm  £375.00 
L009  Fiery Dragon  1 metre x 1 metre  £525.00 
P074  Fruit Buffet  H50cm x W100cm  £375.00 
P046  Globe With Frozen Display  H30cm x W30cm  £49.00 
P046a  Globe with Frozen Display  H30cm x W30cm  £49.00 
P046d  Globe with Frozen Display  H30cm x W30cm  £49.00 
P042  Gnaish Ji  H100cm x W50cm  £425.00 
L017  Hand and Bottle  H100cm x W50cm  £345.00 
P030  Heart With Inset Flowers  H100cm x W50cm  £375.00 
L028  Helter Skelter  H100cm x W50cm  £375.00 
P012  Horn of Plenty (Cornucopia)  H54cm x W65cm  £195.00 
P079  Horse & Jockey (logo to suit)  H100cm x W100cm  £545.00 
L024  Horses Head Luge  H50 cm x W100cm  £345.00 
I001  Ice bar  1 metre x 1 metre  £1150.00 
I002  Ice bar  1 metre x 2 metre  £1400.00 
I003  Ice bar  1 metre x 2.5 metre  £1700.00   
I004  Ice bar  1 metre x 3 metre  £1999.00 
I003a  Ice bar-Custom designed ice bar with logos to suit  H 1 metre x W2.5 metre  £2550.00 
S002  Ice Cocktail glasses (box 75)  H11cm x W6cm  £175.00 
P083  Ice Fountain  H150cm x W50cm  £550.00 
P046c  Ice Pillars  H50cm x W25cm  £165.00 
S001  Ice shot glasses (box of 50)  H5cm x W5cm  £60.00 
L034  John Travolta  H125cm x W50cm  £425.00 
P059  Leaning Tower of Pisa  H100cm x W50cm  £445.00 
C062  Leopard Climbing Tree  H100cm x W50cm  £425.00 
C058  Marlin / Sailfish  H115cm x W110cm  £385.00 
L040  Martini Glass and Hand  H100cm x W50cm  £375.00 
P082a  Memorable Letters  H50cm x W100cm  £345.00 
P082  Memorable Numbers  H50cm x W100cm  £345.00 
P033  Mermaid  H100cm x W50cm  £295.00 
P066  Motorbike  H50cm x W100cm  £425.00 
L018  Olympic Ski Jump  H75cm x W50cm  £255.00 
P056  Oriental Gate  H100cm x W100cm  £425.00 
L023  Oscar  H100cm x W50cm  £345.00 
P055  Pacific Shell  H57cm x W57cm  £160.00 
P035  Penguin  H100cm x W50cm  £345.00 
L029  Penguin  H100cm x W50cm  £345.00 
P068  Presentation Design (example)  H30cm x W50cm  £POA 
P052  Pyramid  H40cm x W46cm  £165.00 
C055  Rabbit  H100cm x W50cm  £345.00 
C057  Reindeer  H100cm x W50cm  £375.00 
P061  Replica Budweiser bottle  H100cm x W50cm  £425.00 
P054  Sample Bottle Display  H100cm x W50cm  £425.00 
L008  Santa Head Luge  H100cm x W50cm  £395.00 
P039  Scallop - Small  H20cm x W45cm  £135.00 
P038  Scallop Open  H35cm x W35cm  £180.00 
P077  Shell Buffet  H50cm x W100cm  £385.00 
L036  Sleeping Mexican Luge  1m high x 0.5m wide  £375.00 
L020  Snake Coiled Around A Tree  H100cm x W50cm  £345.00 
P057  Snow filled engraved logo  H150cm x W200cm  £1400.00 
S003  Sorbet Dishes (Box of 16)  H2cm x W4cm  £82.00 
S003b  Sorbet Dishes - Heart Shaped (Box of 16)    £82.00 
S003a  Sorbet dishes - Star shape (box of 16)    £82.00 
P067  Star  H100cm x W50cm  £395.00 
C042  Swan - Classic (Large)  H70cm x W80cm  £260.00 
C044a  Swan - Classic (small)  H41cm x W30cm  £150.00 
C042b  Swan Classic and 2 Mini Classic Swans  H70cm x W140cm  £425.00 
C059a  Swan Stylised (Large Pair )  H90cm x W140cm  £370.00 
C059  Swan Stylised (Large)  H90cm x W65cm  £225.00 
P081  Table seating plan  H100cm x W50cm  £395.00 
P075  Three Tier Display  H50cm x W100cm  £350.00 
L039a  Tommy Gun Luge  H50cm x W100cm  £375.00 
L021_a  Torso (1 Male & 1 Female)  H100cm x W100cm  £495.00 
L022  Torso (Female)  H100cm x W50cm  £295.00 
L021  Torso (Male)  H100cm x W50cm  £295.00 
P073  Tropical Fish Buffet  H50cm x W100cm  £375.00 
P076  Two Butterflies on a Heart  H100cm x W50cm  £385.00 
P071  Two Hearts  H100cm x W50cm  £385.00 
P071b  Two Hearts Interlocking  H50cm x W100cm  £345.00 
P071a  Two Hearts with names engraved  H100cm x W50cm  £395.00 
P014  Two Lovebirds on a Heart  H100cm x W50cm  £375.00 
P060  Two Lovebirds on an Arch  H100cm x W50cm  £375.00 
P016  Vase  H36cm x W40cm  £165.00 
P051a  Vase ( Large ) on Pedestal.  H200cm x W60cm  £550.00 
P051  Vase (Large)  H60cm x W55cm  £210.00 
P016a  Vase - Contemporary  H50cm x W30cm  £135.00 
P063  Violin  H100cm x W50cm  £385.00 
P048  Wedding Cake  H125cm x W50cm  £475.00 
P003  Wine/Beer Bottle Cooler  H37cm x W68cm  £195.00 



*  Deliveries should be made 60-90 minutes prior to viewing/guests arriving, We are happy to advise

*  We endeavour to make all deliveries on time.  However, we do not accept responsibility, nor will we pay any compensation, for lateness due to circumstances beyond our control.

*  Sculptures and luges generally weigh approximately 15 stone (135kg) unless otherwise stated.  They must therefore be placed on a sturdy four legged table.  DO NOT USE FOLDING OR TRELLIS TABLE OR TABLES WITH ONE CENTRAL SUPPORTING LEG AS THIS IS VERY DANGEROUS.  24 Hour Ice, or it's agents cannot accept liability for any injury arising from the misuse of sculptures or luges once delivery has been accepted and signed for.

*  It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that a container is made available for the collection of melting ice from the drain tray and to dispose of the sculpture or luge at the end of the event unless otherwise agreed.

*  Any problems relating to a sculpture or luge must be reported within 3 hours of delivery.  We cannot accept complaints after that time

*  Sculptures and luges should not be set up in direct sunlight as this can cause cracking

*  Cancellation charges apply.

*  Sculptures and luges should be dismantled no more than 7 hours after set up.

Luge Information

*  Luges are designed to be used with alcohol.  This ensures that the channel does not freeze.  They can be adapted for use with soft drinks.  Please advise at time of order.

*  Before use the wire insert in the channel must be removed

*  The luge must never be used straight from the freezer.  It should be left for approximately 60-90 minutes to avoid cracking

*  Due to the varying nature of designs the drink run may either a surface or internal channel 

*  Luges are designed to be used as “free pour”


To view our full Terms and Conditions CLICK HERE



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