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Does the ice melt?

Yes it does, but because of the way it is manufactured and stored, it melts slower than normal ice.


Do I just leave it to melt away?

Large sculptures may flood your event if left to melt. We recommend that you dispose of the sculpture at the end of the event using tea towels to grip the carving. Alternatively you can arrange that we dispose of it for you.


How do you make ice clear?

The ice must be slowly frozen from the bottom only, not all sides like an ice cube. The water also needs to be agitated during the freezing process.


Can you colour the ice?

The beauty of ice is because it is clear. We can add colour but that detracts from the effect. Much better to use coloured lighting to gain the right effect.


How long does the sculpture take to melt?

It depends on the shape and the environment it is being displayed in. Ice sculptures usually look good for about 4 to 6 hours although some sculptures can take up to two days to melt completely.









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